Theme - INCD 2019

Extensive research over last half a century has revealed that most chronic diseases are caused by the dysregulation of multiple genes. However, most of the drugs designed by man (pharmaceutical companies) are highly specific and high affinity chemicals that target single gene.  Thus such drugs are not so effective and exhibit side effects when taken for long period of times. In contrast, most drugs designed by “mother nature” are multi-targeted, highly effective over long-term and exhibit minimal side effects.  Until very recently, almost 80% of all drugs had their roots in natural products that are also some time referred to as “Nutraceuticals”.  The history of these nutraceuticals goes back to thousands of years as indicated by “Ayurveda” (science of long life), “Siddha”, “Homeopathy”, and other ancient branches of disease treatment.  The current conference is designed to explore the scientific basis for the “role of nutraceuticals in chronic diseases”. Nutraceuticals derived from spices, other dietary sources, and medicinal plants will be included. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental diseases, arthritis, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and infectious diseases will be covered. Topic such as changes in epigenetics, biofilms, microbiome, omics by nutraceuticals will also be covered. Scientists who are totally devoted to this topic are invited from around the world.

Topics Covered

  • Nutraceuticals and inflammatory diseases
  • Nutraceuticals and infectious diseases
  • Nutraceuticals and cancer
  • Nutraceuticals and cardiovascular disorders
  • Nutraceuticals and neurological disorders
  • Nutraceuticals and autoimmune disorders
  • Nutraceuticals, obesity and diabetes
  • Nutraceuticals and mental disorders
  • Nutraceuticals and immunomodulation
  • Nutraceuticals and omics
  • Nutraceuticals: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Nutraceutical technology