As the name suggests, the theme of the conference INCD 2019 is the role of nutraceuticals in chronic diseases. As evident from literature and upcoming research, nutraceuticals play an important role in the management of chronic diseases. Despite their medicinal activity, the use of nutraceuticals is not widely found. The conference, INCD 2019 has been organized with an aim to promote the use of nutraceuticals. A range of these natural healers are already available in the market and at INCD 2019, we would like to invite the nutraceutical companies to showcase their products. To boost the usage of these efficacious molecules, we are organizing an exhibition at INCD 2019. The exhibition would provide an opportunity to the nutraceutical companies to set up stalls and display their products. In this process, the nutraceuticals would also get recognized and intake of such natural healers may help many victims of chronic diseases. We encourage the nutraceutical companies to consider this opportunity at INCD 2019 and boost the usage of Nutraceuticals.

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